It is my hope those who invest with Veterans Venture will sense an association with destiny.

The most important motivation behind Veterans Venture is a personal one. It is a thank you to my Dad who set an example of courageous service to our nation but did so in a war few wished to honor. He and hundreds of thousands like him came home from Vietnam to an indifferent nation. They served, they fought, they died, and received neither their country’s glory nor their compassion. My Dad suffered for years from exposure to Agent Orange and passed as still a young man in his 40’s.

Yet he infused in me great pride in his legacy along with an abiding belief in the values of American liberty and economic freedom. As a result I enlisted and proudly trained to be an Army Ranger. In this role as a professional warrior it was my honor to lead soldiers into Baghdad, Iraq when that war began. Since returning home I have targeted economics studies at Harvard University. I’ve founded several companies, run for public office and backed non-profits supporting veterans concerns.


In each capacity as soldier, student, scholar, entrepreneur and citizen advocate I sense that I’ve carried out my Dad’s dreams. It is my hope those who invest with Veterans Venture will sense an association with destiny. To better our country, to grow our economy, to build strong families, and responsible citizens is a noble calling.


There is no question my Dad suffered both medically and emotionally upon his return. Rangers are trained to perform valiantly even when circumstances of battle force us to witness the unspeakable. We never avert our eyes from carnage lest we miss a threat that determines success or death.

All warriors from all conflicts of history come home with the scars of having lived the horror of warfare. Today medical advances provide us better tools to deal with the aftermath. But Veterans Venture intends to make certain we add light to the life of veterans who may have nightmares but never stop having dreams of a better future.

- Nick Starling


Our success will forever remind those who invest with us of the young men and women who fight for our freedoms. They deserve a fair chance upon returning home to secure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our ventures will help veterans and non-veterans alike we should never forget how poor a nation we would be if we ever stopped recognizing those who make all that economic prosperity can bring…possible.

Veterans Venture